Raised access flooring systems provide flexibility for workspace environments with the ability to provide the following benefits:
Creation of functional open plan areas with flexible environment
Delivery of low profile cable management systems including power, data and telecommunications
Optional passive air conditioning and ventilation availability
Aesthetic floor finishes available in a wide choice of options
Quick and easy installation with minimal disruption
Raised access flooring stability is achieved by way of steel pedestals with a wide variety of finished floor heights available and many ranges of floor panel finishes to provide aesthetically pleasing effects including vinyl, rubber, wood and ceramic. In addition to flexibility, raised floors offer:
Tough builds to support demanding environments
Greater energy efficiency by directing airflow to only where it's needed
Convenient access to underfloor cabling and critical services
Leveling of uneven floors in sites with graded surfaces
Reduced future costs tied to layout reconfigurations
A large variety of surface options to create the look you require
Raised access floor voids create an effective method of distribution with easy access to cable and ventilation services for many environments including:
Call centres
Control rooms and Data Centres
Office areas
Education and healthcare
Public buildings

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