GIFAfloor is an excellent Raised Flooring System which is used where a concrete or cement screed would normally be used, but where access to the void is still required. The system comprises of high-density gypsum flooring grade tongue and groove boards in sizes of 1200mm x 600mm and 600mm x 600. Various thicknesses are provided to achieve required floor loadings. The boards are Tongue and Groove which are bonded together to form a flat screed like surface. If access to the void is required, it is achieved by utilising a proprietary access hatch which can be incorporated into the GIFAfloor raised flooring system during installation. Uniquely among Raised Access Flooring Systems ceramic tiles and other floor finishes can be fixed directly to the surface of GIFAfloor.

Redundant & Bespoke Systems

There are many flooring systems that throughout the years manufacturers have stopped making however the installations are still fit for purpose, and replacement panels and pedestals are required where floor reconfiguration is required.
We are able to source many obsolete panels and pedestals, either an Enviro panels where they have been taken from an existing building or to get the new manufactured from other sources. 
Bespoke raised access systems may be required for many purposes. Bespoke surfaces create a panel with the unique finish your project requirements, options included carpet, vinyl and wooden floors.
Along with bespoke panels, we can create a bespoke under structure; for larger heights, under floor services where pedestals may clash and heavy weight loads including for the use for supporting stringers. 


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