Computer Rooms and Data Centers

The Raised Access Flooring Company have been supplying and installing large data centres and all sizes of computer rooms since 1990.

Data centre environments require the ability to accommodate a large number of data cables, handle high temperatures and be adaptable for future technological and cooling progressions. A raised access floor addresses all of these demands whilst remaining cost effective and enabling a flexible, secure and dependable situation.

Our systems are fully tested to MOB PF2PS/SPU (March 1992) in the UK. There are a variety of anti-static finishes we can recommend and we can also offer a solution for a 'Zinc Whisker Free' installation. Our works have included the formation of data halls, service corridors, support and office areas, client workshops, build rooms and associated areas.

In addition to supplying and installing new floors we also offer heavy duty floor grilles – with or without damper, waterproofing solutions, floor-box cut outs, ramps, steps and handrails.

The Raised Access Flooring Company also offer a maintenance service for data centres and computer rooms including replacement panels, floor strengthening, air grilles, or indeed any associated raised floor works.

"Our in house technical team can provide specialist information to ensure the correct system can be specified taking into account loadings, floor heights, ramps and air grilles."

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